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Back In Time

There are stories we never tell that the right song seems to emulate with ease. I'm finding it's time to share some of these demos instead of letting them sleep in silence.
I hope this song breathes life into your past. May it fill your mistakes with gratitude, rather than regret. May it gift you a moment of acceptance, rather than denial. May you recognize the dead ends for their direction. For the best things that are present in your life TODAY would not be possible without the lessons you've collected along the way. I'm so very grateful for where I've come from, though I would not choose to go Back In Time... Would you?

Writer & Vocals: Courtney Graf

Producer & Co-Writer: Lamont "Logic" Coleman
Guitars: Dan Fuson

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Please feel free to share how or why this song resonated with you.

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Thank you for sharing :)

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