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How I Heal

When what you need finds you.

I was looking for something when I fled Nashville and found myself in Salt Lake City. The joy came in many forms, one being my introduction to doTERRA essential oils. A healing heart, with a desire to be toxin free, often needs more than time and space!
I was surprised how easily I began to depend on these precious oils. There is no time to waste when you desire to change your life for the better..
I found the addition of Copaiba to my water daily aided in calming my nervous system. I found that Balance on the back of my neck and in my diffuser released anxiety. I can even say I have not been sick once since I came out to this icy state; which I attribute to 3 drops of On Guard in a vitamin C pack! I also use Breathe for congestion, Peace when feeling anxiety and inTune when needing to focus!

It feels like it's my duty to share these tools as they've truly enhanced my quality of life. 

Don't take my word for it.

Let's talk about how we can change your lifestyle with doTERRA essential oils! 

Looking forward to reading this!

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